Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday Tutorial

A few weeks backs Iain and I re-decorated the spare bedroom into an office/ craft room. Some of you who have been reading my blog know that back in march my laptop broke down and got replaced by an iMac. My craft room back then wasn't great but at least I had a desk which I lost to the new computer... Me having had enough of having to make do by using the dining table and all the packing/ un-packing it involved every time I wanted to play, I decided to start nagging the man of the family until he gave in into re-decorating that room and turning it into a proper workspace... Where am I going with this rambling I hear you say... Well, after a week of hard work and a shopping trip to Ikea I now have a properly organised space with shelving and rails and all my stash in view and this made me realised that a part of my stash had been neglected for years: my paint dabbers! And I really do mean YEARS!!! So I decided that for this Friday Tutorial I would use them and give you the taste to get yours out too! Ready?

1: Use a template of some sort. Here I used an emptied sheet of die-cuts from one of the Kaisercraft paper pads.
2: Colour it in with one colour of paint dabber. Here I used Raspberry.
3 and 4: In the top and bottom corners add two more colours. Here I used Purple Twilight ( I know! Twilight! Had to use it lol!) and Citrus.
5: Dry it off with a heat gun but be careful not to burn or blister it!
6: Black splashes! Can't live without them!
7: One strip of Tim Holtz tissue tape.
8: Grab your stencil back and place it over your paint. Draw around it three times with a black pen moving it slightly between each time.
9: Place a paper rosette on top.
10: Spread some Distress Stain on a craft sheet. Here I used Worn Lipstick.
11: Add a sprinkle of water.
12: Rub a small rectangle of paper in it and dry it.
13: Stamp a banner or flag. Here I used those Waltzing Mouse stamps.
14: Stamp the Number Background from Kaisercraft in orange, cut around it and add your sentiment. Mount it on the rosette and add some embellishments as on the final photograph below.

A close-up of the centre. Gosh I love the texture of all that paint!

I love that I used those dabbers again and definitely will do so again! I also love that I got to create a card that is quite Clean and Simple but still with my grungy edge! I hope that this inspired you!!!


Chrissy said...

Fantastic Emilie, so VERY inspiring!!

Love it.
Chrissy xXx

Pam said...

I have a collection of those KC waste cards for the very same purpose!! Great card!!

Naomi Edwards said...

I have never had dabbers but after seeing your card I have to get them!!! Your card is amazing as usual..I don't know how you think it up... Congrats on your craft room by the way! I just redid mine as well... I understand the lugging everything back and forth , unpackaging , the whole works...feeling organized can make us more creative right??

Sue said...

I know i also have some somewhere!! - I need to have a big tidyup and find them!

Riikka said...

Awesome tutorial and such a pretty card!

Linda said...

Beautiful results x

Emy said...

Fabulous card - love your style xx

soapHOUSEmama said...

Everything you make is just awesome! LOVE IT!!!

fatmonica said...

Love this!