Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Things to come...

Hi all! So I have been quiet on here lately and not blogging half as much as I would have liked to but I promise that things are about to change! The weather being so good did not help me to sit down in front of the screen. I also lost my Scrap desk and Scrap corner to my iMac meaning that every time I want to Scrap I end up spending over 30 minutes transferring my stash to the dining table and then clearing everything up. The number of layouts being created were on the down. BUT I am looking at bringing some kind of organisation to this blog with a routine of post release to keep you all inspired and to keep me blogging! What kind of posts will it be? Well I have in stock:
- My must have for the month: On the first of every month I will share with you my wish list of products available on the market.
- 10 things on the 10: I will take part to this blog roll that you can see around on a different theme every month.
- Merly Impressions Challenge: On the 15th of every month I will share on here the new theme for the challenge and give you the link for your entries
- As soon as it is released on the Sketch365 blog, I will share here my interpretation on the new sketch
- Wednesday Inspiration: Every Wednesday you will find here a little kick of inspiration: A theme, a few pictures illustrating that theme and my take on it with a project (card, Scrapbook layout, altered object,...)
- Friday Tutorial: Every Friday you will find here a small tutorial for you to try out for yourselves at the weekend
- Pinterest Highlight on Monday: What I liked over the previous week. You can already find my Pinterest board Here
- Blog Love: Once a month, a discovery of other artistes. The blogs I loved and that are worth a look. If you wish to be considered for this section please contact me at the email address given in the "Contact me" section

So that's a BIG plan isn't it?! The general idea is to have at least one post every two days minimum from the 1st of July. Are you interested? Don't hesitate to give me your feedbacks! And as a teaser, here are a few sneaks:

I hope you are liking what you see!!! See you all very soon around!


Sue said...

Good Luck - I mostly blog at the weekend of school holidays - never seem to get time on a work day!
I look forward to checking your updates out :)

Pam said...

sounds great Emilie-I'll check back

Claireliz said...

Sounds like a great plan Emilie, will be dropping by regularly :D
C xx

Kirsteen said...

Wow - that sounds great. Great idea to have a plan and a list. Looking forward to it. Gonna add myself to your blog so I don't miss out :)