Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Put your hands up if your cool enough...

What? A full layout using only one sheet of cardstock?! Yes! Thanks to Gogo Hybrids I was able to create a full layout using just one sheet of kraft cardstock! What best when you have used-up your last kit or when you are running out of cash?! And I love those September hybrids elements!

Those clouds are a must have for me! So trendy! I love them!

I always have room for some bunting! Just perfect!

I love to experiment with my hybrids and as I love glossy accent, I decided to cover some of them with it. I just adore the effect and how it make the colours "pop"!
Those elements are perfect for a boy layout and so I decided to use them along this photo of my nephew Loïc. In France, the number plate indicate where the car is from. Here is the 74 mean Haute-Savoie where my home town of Chamonix is located. As any cool outdoorsy young lad, Loïc is extremly proud of his origins and shows it in a very "down with the kids" kind of way on this photo.

As well I wanted to share with you a give-away that is even better than a simple give-away: if you want to take part, you are SURE to get something in the letter box. Kirsty  is offering some gorgeous embellishments she created in exchange of you using it on a project and blogging them by a certain date set by her. For all the details and info, just go to her blog here and join in the fun!

See you all soon around!


Ali said...

Lovely LO, those hybrid printouts are very vibrant. How lovely to grow up in Chamonix :)

Sue said...

Fab layout - love the bunnting.

vixen said...

lovely LO :)

Claireliz said...

Gorgeous LO Emilie.