Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Turn old into new!

Hi everybody!

 How are you?
I am here with another LO to share with you!
I have to let you know that I haven't bought a single sheet of patterned paper since last July!
I started scrapbooking in 2007 and I still have some untouched sheets of 12x12" dating back to that year!
Now I do craft a lot and there is a fair amount of LO that I made that never found their ways to this blog as they are more of a personal nature.
It just seemed that I was stacking up quicker than I was using!
I love shopping for crafty things and keep my eyes on the products coming out of CHA but I had to stop myself from buying everything I fancied!
So for the last year I gave myself a challenge: can I keep designing pages and cards with "older" products but still making it look fresh?
And I believe the answer is yes!
All the papers you see here are from 2009 or before and the Sassafras stamps are from 2008 even maybe 2007...
I think that what make it work is the fact that I only used three main colors that I knew were trendy and worked well together. And how trendy those stamps still are!!! Manufacturers are still producing new papers with clouds and howls on them! Oh and that cherry blossom branch? You can still see other stamps manufacturers churning out new versions of them!

So yes,  when you look at the blogs of those famous names in the scrapbooking world, you rarely see them using the same papers/ stamps/ embellishments twice but hey, we are in the real world and we don't get that gorgeous stash for free! We salivate over it, save for it and if we are lucky we are able to get it by spending our hard earned cash for it! So why not using it over and over again? Until the last square of it?

This LO is just that! I used my leftover scraps of paper for my stamping impressions and strips! I also hand-made all my blooms saving me a lot of money!

I did not have to buy any extras for this LO as it was all in my stash since over a year. As good as free lol!

Buttons are bang on trends at the moments and so are bakers twine. This help keep this LO modern and fresh. They are also a good way of keeping the price of this LO down as I recycled them from old clothes and packaging.

Those hand-made flowers bring colour and interest to this branch and help to keep the colour scheme flowing around this page.

Stamped images are a very economical way of embellishing a page as your stamps are re-usable! It allows you to make sure you have the colours you want!

So my top tips to keep your old stash looking fresh are:
-use it by coordinating colours in a modern way: colour combo challenges are a great way to inspire you!
-Add elements (stamped images, doodles,...) that are still trendy. You don't need to buy them! You may have pieces that are still trendy like those stamps or why not look for free digital elements on the net? There are plenty to chose from!
-Make your own embellishments! "hand made" things are super-hot at the moment and you would recycle your older elements making them brand-new must-have!
-Have fun! It always transpire in your design when you had fun making them!

But if you are desperate for brand new stash, the most cost effective way of getting it is by getting a kit. They are already colour coordinated and full of all the things you could need.
My favourite one is Scrapagogo as they are full to the brim with goodies and are always one step ahead of the trend so you are sure that they will still be fresh after some time!

I hope that this post inspired you in some ways! See you all soon!


Fifi-T said...

love this layout, I recognise some of the older papers and I'm thinking I have scraps of them about, I'm really bad at combining papers from different ranges so I must make more of a concerted effort it if will look half as good as this

Anonymous said...

I don't think it matters if it's the latest papers or paper we've had for a few years. It's what we do with it & how we use it that really counts & your Lo is lovely

Jenny said...

This is gorgeous Emilie, where shall I start...I luuurve the handstamped embellies(I always forget to use them on my pages). The bands of text really catch your eye , the whole design is fab. Great stuff:)
Jenny x

Nikki said...

Love this page!! All the elements are just fab & love the mix of PPs, I would be interested to know how you made your roses so if you could point me in the direction of a tut I would be most grateful :)


Nikki xx

vixen said...

Love this LO its fantastic, love the colours too :)

AJ said...

SO True! I only wish I had an endless supply of crafting goodness!! Your layout has inspired me to pull out the older out of date stuff and USE it! :) great blog!!

sutty said...

Fab LO love the colours and your flowers and stamps - beautiful :)