Saturday, 9 July 2011

Going to the theatre...

... well not really.
I simply came-up with an other LO that I designed with theatres in mind. A drama of which I would be the queen lol.
I have scrapped this photo before but I decided to use it again as it is one of the few of me that I actually do like. I am still awaiting some photos to come through the post too.

Anyway, here is my LO!

I love all the rich gold/ red/ blue/ cream colours as I think it helps to support the theme.

I got my sewing machine out! I adore those butterflies!

I built those flowers so they would be the exact colours I wanted for my page.

I used an old American Crafts chipboard for the crown. I simply scrapped off the glitters, embossed it in gold, sprayed it with cosmic shimer and re-heated it!

Do you remember a few weeks back I said that I had some exciting news coming?
Well, the French website Creapassions asked me if I would like to be interviewed for their daily scrapbooking feature. Well I accepeted and it is now live! You can find it HERE!

Donc pour tous mes lecteurs Français, je travail sur des possibilités pour vous faire parvenire ce blog en Français! Merci de votre visite et de tous vos commentaires qui me sont si chères!
Réponse pour Candysugar: Le "4th of july" est écrit avec des tampons alphabet que je obtenus dans un kit
Le tampon "Happy " est de la marque Waltzing Mouse. Ces tampons sont suberbes et trés fortement recommendés!
Les éléments en bas de la carte sont des perles collantes blanches que j'ai colorées avec des sharpies.

So here it is! I hope that you like it!
See you all soon!


vixen said...

beautiful LO :)

Jenny said...

Lovely Lo Emilie, the butterflies are great with the stitching and words behind them, the crowns a sweet touch too :)
Well done on your interview too :)
Jenny x

Angie said...

Love this LO ...especially the way you used the butterfies and the words. Congrats on getting the interview.

Claireliz said...

Gorgeous layout Emilie.