Monday, 2 May 2011

May Monday Color Combination N°8

Hi all!
What a glorious 4 days weekend it has been!
I enjoyed every bit of it!
Did you watch the wedding? I know everybody is talking about it but why shouldn't I join them?!
Kate was glorious in her wedding dress and William looked so in love! I never thought I would feel as emotional as I did but I really couldn't get enough of it! Even Iain was glued to the TV!
I really do wish them all the best!

Now onto our usual end of weekend subject: the color combination.
As I have been in a cupcake mood lately I have spent a lot on Google Image to get some inspiration. It is where I found the image that I used for this color combination.
First, here is my card:

Here are a few close-up:

Here is the color combination:

As you can see the image itself inspired me as well with the butterflies as well as the Indian feel.

As you may remember, last week I did not post a card using my color combination...
After a bit of stash diving I found a few old pieces of paper and came up with this card that I think is a success. Let me know what you think...

And here are a few close-up:

I hope that it all inspire you!
Thank you for your visit!


Anonymous said...

Love the colours, so funky and vibrant. Gorgeous.

fatmonica said...

Fabulous cards!Love the colours on the second card especially!

Jenny said...

Lovely cards Emilie, this weeks colours will push me out of my comfort zone...still that's the challenge :)
Jenny x

Elaina said...

I love your hot colour combinations, just right for the hot weather we are having.

Alix said...

ooooh that is an awesome colour combo...and those cupcakes...oh my!!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

fab colours, love the work you have done

Alana said...

Oh yes, I love the combination of these colours. Great design for the card too.

Claireliz said...

Love the colours, I do love putting those 3 together, to me it always adds a sense fun to a layout. Your card is gorgeous too.

Emy said...

Fabulous cards - love the colours and composition :)

Virginia said...

Wow these are gorgeous loving the vibrancy of the cards!

Linda said...

Love this colour combo, so vibrant.
Great card too x