Saturday, 29 May 2010

I am so vintage!

Hi everybody!

On wednesday morning I had the time to go blog hoping before to get to work and I stumbled upon a post by Anne on her blog "Pretty" about a new Iphone App called Hipstamatic (try and prononce it...).
It is a camera app and what you can do with it is just amazing!
I love the effects and I haven't been able to put my Iphone down since I downloaded it!
I always found that the camera that came with the phone was pretty poor and never used it but now, I actually go around snaping away, thinking that I actually could use those photos!
Here are a few... Love that seventies / antique look!

How great that we are having a bank holiday weekend!
And as every weekends, I have been busy in the kitchen and baking some cupcakes...
So this week it is blueberry sponge with a vanilla buttercream.
Here are a few "vintage" photos, I'll probably take some high quality ones tomorrow with my DSLR... I am going to bake some cookies as well...

I am happy too as my local village shop agreed to sell them so I have been working on a logo and packaging. I just can't wait to see how they work out!

Thank you all for reading and for all your lovely comments!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

This is not just food...

Hi everyone!

After a weekend enjoying the sun I thought it was time for me to share a few more photos with you ...
You see, during my few months of "no blogging", I fell in love with cupcakes...
I had tryed a few before from various shops / bakery/ Supermarkets and never understood what all the fuss around those little cakes was about.
That is until the day I had, for some unknown reasons, the biggest craving ever for some.
So I went to town with Cally (my very patient collie) and we came back with our arms (paws) full of baking goodies incuding the book of Primrose Bakery.
I made a bunch of vanilla cupcakes and it was like seeing the light for the first time!
Now, I am in the "secret" of what cupcakes are all about!They are sooooo yummy!
So since that day mid feb, I have made a batch every weekend (or most of them)...
I went through quite a few flavors such as chocolate, peanut butter, lemon, ginger, lime, coconut, raspberry and much more...

After a while trying different recipies I came up with my own mixes and decorations.
I made some lemon cupcakes yesterday (I know, baking in the heat might not have been my brightest moment, but hey, when it's love...) with a nice lemon curd filling and here are some photos:

I am awaiting an order of very originals cupcake cases from Malaysia and I will show you what I come up with as soon as I get them! Can't wait hi hi!!!

Along the same line, when I went to France for some hollidays last easter I found out that a shop entirely dedicated to French macarons had open it's doors in my hometown...
Oh my god!!! What a sight!
I HAD to by some (for photography purposes of course lol) as they looked soooo cute and here are the few photos that I had the time to take before they disapeared (wonder where they went...)...

During my time abroad I had time to catch up with familly and here is a couple of photos...

Right, so here it is with the pics and the blabbing.
I hope that I'll be inspired soon to seat at my desk so I can show you a bit of crafting...
Thanks for all your lovely messages as ever!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Warning, photo heavy post!

Hi everyone!

After a good few months away from the internet, I am back!
I didn't craft much during my time "away" (mix of "loss of mojo" and 3 months without an actual craft space) but I have been busy!
To start with I got a promotion at work and I am absolutely LOOOOVING my new role!
Then was time for some hollidays (pics still to be edited).
And then, a couple of weekends ago, my other half and I were invited to friends wedding where I was lucky to try myself at some proper "wedding photography"
So here are the results, enjoy and please feel free to comment and give criticisme as I would love to improve!

I wanted to thank you for all your lovely comments while I was away!!!