Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Manuals? Which manuals?

Or how to go crazy over all the Photoshop non-sense...
If I wasn't such a wimp over pain I swear that I would be bold by now out of pulling my hairs out!

Let me explain.
Last weekend my other half, a friend and I went for a real traditional English tea break in a small village of Yorkshire. I thought that it would make a great photo opportunity and it did!
I came back home all excited to get those images edited and see the end result but I was in for a big let down.
You see, a few weeks ago while playing around on photoshop, I finaly discovered how to create the "vigneting" effect on my photos. I even used this technique to create the blurry edges on my new blog banner.
But this time around I just couldn't get it to work! I couldn't get this gradual, discrete darkening around the edges of my photos. And god knows I tried everything I could think of!
I even dreamt about the damn thing!
So today I decided to open the "help" folder at the top of the screen and read through it.
I thought that if I had been able to do it once then there was probably something that I was missing and therefore I should find what somewhere in the explanations.
I discovered a lot of great things along the way and I now know what some of the tools are for.
I have been able to take some of my photos to another level and I am thinking about re-editing all my previous pics.
AND, I now know what I did wrong!
I have been able to "vignete" my pics and I am now at peace.
I swear that fom now on I'll read all the manuals and put all the explanations to practice.
On this note, here are some of the photos that gave me so much grief:


Sally said...

LOL - the photos are lovely! Manuals are very over-rated you know - just look at the ikea ones for making the cupboards - now where does this screw go?!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

some great photos. I do get cross when I have done something before, but cannot get it to work again :)

Anonymous said...

Trop trop jolies tes photos, Cally a résolument une bouille d'amour !!

Jenny said...

Wowness, I need to work out how to Vignete! Gorgeous x

Claireliz said...

great photos Emily

Queenie said...

Lol Emilie your photos are great and i love going to yorkshire!
Hope all is wellin your part of the world.