Saturday, 29 May 2010

I am so vintage!

Hi everybody!

On wednesday morning I had the time to go blog hoping before to get to work and I stumbled upon a post by Anne on her blog "Pretty" about a new Iphone App called Hipstamatic (try and prononce it...).
It is a camera app and what you can do with it is just amazing!
I love the effects and I haven't been able to put my Iphone down since I downloaded it!
I always found that the camera that came with the phone was pretty poor and never used it but now, I actually go around snaping away, thinking that I actually could use those photos!
Here are a few... Love that seventies / antique look!

How great that we are having a bank holiday weekend!
And as every weekends, I have been busy in the kitchen and baking some cupcakes...
So this week it is blueberry sponge with a vanilla buttercream.
Here are a few "vintage" photos, I'll probably take some high quality ones tomorrow with my DSLR... I am going to bake some cookies as well...

I am happy too as my local village shop agreed to sell them so I have been working on a logo and packaging. I just can't wait to see how they work out!

Thank you all for reading and for all your lovely comments!


tea_bag said...

your dogs so cute

Anne said...

Great news about the cookies - let us know how it works out!

So glad you are enjoying the Hipstamatic; your photos are beautiful - honestly, it's the best money I've ever spent on an app. I just have to be careful now that I don't take ALL my photos with it, otherwise it could get a bit dull!

Olivia said...

Great photos! Cupcakes look yummy too :)

Angie said...

Wow ...your muffins look so Yummy ...I really want one ... So happy for you about the cookies too. That first B/W , in particular,is so vintage ...could have been taken in the 1950's.

Darcy said...

your cupcakes look gorgeous, I really enjoy making cupcakes too.

Anonymous said...

Très très sympa, j'ai regardé moi z'osi, puisque j'ai eu la bête pour mon anniversaire (très en avance !), mais c'est payant et je refuse de payer les applications payantes (au prix que la chose en question coute, je trouve que c'est du vol, bref, question de conviction !). En tout cas, de très belles photos !
Marie (toujours anonyme !)

Caroline and Jayne said...

I have this Apps too and I love it x
Jayne x

Katy said...

Brilliant - I love the retro look of these pics. Very 1978!