Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Une envie/ A desire

Voici une page réalisée avec le kit d'avril de Scrapagogo.
Je voulais absoliment utiliser cette feutrine à poids et c'est ce qui a dicté mon choix de photo.
J'ai eu beaucoup de difficulté à créer cette page. Je l'ai laissé, j'y suis revenu, et celà plusieurs fois avant d'y mettre le point final.
Toujours je n'étais pas trés satisfaite et je dois dire que cette page a "grandit" en moi...
J'aime le côté à la fois "Clean and Simple" et "freestyle".
Cette page parle de mon "fantsme" depuis longtemps d'habiter dans une maison avec une barriere blanche à "l'americaine", façon Desperate Housewives.

Here is a LO made with the April kit from Scrapagogo.
I wanted to use this dotted felt and this is what dictated the choice for my photo.
I struggled a LOT to create this LO. I left it, came back, and so a few times before to put the finishing touch.
Even then I still wasn't very happy with it and I have to say that this page 'grew" in me...
I like the fact that it is at the same time "clean and simple" and "freestyle".
It is about the "fantasy" I have since a long time to live in a house with a white fence "American style" like in Desperate Housewives.

Merci de votre visite et de vos petit mots qui comptent beaucoup.
Thanks for looking and for all your comments that mean so much to me!


LadyBug said...

what a lovely LO. the little orange wings are just FAB!!! I too would love a picket fenced house..... maybe one day?

Judith said...

This is great. That is also a big dream of mine, A white picket fence with a little latch gate and cottage garden x x

Julia Dunnit said...

It turned out to be a fab LO..and a great way to describe on eof your wishes!

Claire said...

Really gorgeous LO, and a lovely wish to have :)

Angie said...

I love the over all effect. Each element works so well to paint the complete picture that you strived for. Basically I love the LO. lol

Mole said...

I think the page is great. I like the colours and tthe spots are cool!