Thursday, 16 April 2009

Avant-goût pour Marie/ Taster for Marie

Voici un avant-goût de l'album que j'ai créé pour ma NSP Marie. J'espère que ça va lui plaire!

Here is a sneak peak at the album I designed for my NSP Marie. I hope she'll like it!
I had been asked what "NSP" stand for. It means Non Secret Pal. It is all the rage in France.To explain: you meet another crafter/ scrapbooker on the net and if you like each others work, then you decide to exchange things: albums, LO, altered objects, what ever you like! Marie and I have scrapbooked eache others photos, swapped inspiration book, goodies,... It is a friendship via mail and internet between two persons.

A bientôt!

See you soon!


marie said...

Ça m'a l'air extra !!! C'est une torture horrible de mettre un sneak peat comme ça avant que je le reçoive !! :))
J'ai trop trop envie de le voir moi maintenant !! :))
j'aime beaucoup ta définition du terme NSP, longue vie à notre amitié ! :)
Bisous et à très bientôt !

Julia Dunnit said...

Like Marie, I think your sneak peek is a torture; it looks really lovely. Great thngs, NSPs!

Annie said...

Love the idea of an NSP - I've never heard of it before! The mini book looks absolutely gorgeous - hope we're going to get a proper look at it soon!!! I particularly like the look of that barcode with your name in it. Is it a stamp?

Emilie said...

The barcode is a stamp from Kesi'art, my name is stamped on with individuals letter stamps from G studio (£1 from do crafts stores!)

Kit said...

great card love the details